Everyday Makings of a Miracle


January 02, 2014

At 3 years of age, every day of Tamara Herrera's life is evidence of miracles.  Her doctors declared at 6 weeks of age, the damage from a brain hemorrhage at birth was so severe they expected Tamara to be in a vegetative state.  Today, Tamara’s neurologist agrees she is a little miracle, and is exceeding the doctors’ expectations for her quality of life. 

Every parent deeply cares for the health of their child.  For Tamara’s family, that has meant staying by her side through more than a dozen surgeries and hospitalizations, and even more medical procedures and appointments.  "“When she is in the hospital, we never leave her alone,”" says her mother Jackeline Vallejo. "“One of us is always with her to make sure she is not scared and has what she needs.”"

Each day when Tamara can play with her 5 year old brother Pablo, and it is indeed the making of miracles.  Each day is also a lifelong commitment to sustaining her medical equipment, and electric bills.  Even with electric medical discounts from the Roseville Utility, the family's utility costs are as high as $350 a month. 

For GRID Alternatives, solar for the Herrera-Vallejo family is an opportunity give a family a much needed measure of security.  Solar can help ease the family's monthly financial burdens, saving them about 75% of their annual electricity bill.  Solar can help them to continue to focus on making miracles happen, every day.

Join GRID Alternatives in providing long-lasting support for the Herrera-Vallejo family, and for the many households caring for disabled family members that we will serve in 2014.  Please click here to contact us or call 530-217-6146 to find out how you can help sponsor a solar system in the North Valley, volunteer on an install, or otherwise further GRID's impact in your community, today.