Making Solar Accessible Sparks Environmental Policy Passion


March 22, 2017

Genesha Burton, a pre-law student from Michigan State University, shared with us how her experience volunteering with GRID Alternatives through the Solar Spring Break program stoked her growing interest in environmental justice.

I grew up in Detroit; I had lead poisoning when I was little. That influenced me to go into environmental issues. Around the world, there’s so much injustice, for instance in Flint or with the pipeline (in Standing Rock). It seems like nobody can help them. These are minorities suffering injustices, and they don’t have much power. I want to be the person to help them.

I plan to move forward into pre-law or environmental policy. I realize with this experience that there are so many people out there to help but there are not enough people letting them know that these opportunities exist.

Our first install this week was empowering. One of the women in the house was so grateful we were out there helping her. I was so happy about that; it warmed my heart.