Mutual Housing at Spring Lake II Grand Welcoming

This month, we celebrated the Grand Welcoming of Mutual Housing at Spring Lake, Phase II. Mutual Housing at Spring Lake has gained international attention as the first federally certified Zero Net Energy rental housing development in the United States - and it's affordable. We partnered with Mutual Housing California to install a solar electric system for the second phase of their Spring Lake affordable housing development. 

The solar system is designed to offset 100% of the electricity usage. The 166-kilowatt system GRID installed will power 39 multifamily units across three buildings and one carport structure. This system is expected to completely offset the energy usage of the building and prevent 2,365 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the 25-year lifespan.

The development is dedicated to farmworker family housing and is sited in close proximity to agricultural fields in Woodland, CA. During the Grand Welcoming, resident Baudelia Brambila shared her family's experience, “Arriving at Spring Lake was like a new beginning for us. Now we have friendships with our neighbors and we know the people around us and that makes us feel much safer and at peace.”

 GRID is proud to partner with such an innovative organization like Mutual Housing California. This Zero Net Energy building provides carbon reduction solutions to communities most affected by pollution and climate change. We look forward to being a part of more developments with whole-building, energy reduction solutions.