New Battery Storage & EV Charger Training Wall


April 27, 2021
Steve and Monica show off GRID North Valley's new battery storage and EV charger training wall in our Technical Academy.

GRID is happy to share some exciting new additions to our Installation Basics Training (IBT) program offers. We’re now starting to incorporate lessons on battery storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure installation!

Check out the actual technology that our trainees will get to experience hands-on lessons with (pictured above). On one side we have a SolarEdge Bimodal system with a 9.8 KWh LG Chem Battery for storage and off-grid mode. It features a SolarEdge 7600W Inverter with Prism technology and an EV charger connection. There is also a SolarEdge Energy Hub, Main service panel, and critical load sub-panel. This system can plug into a solar array with SolarEdge optimizers either on our mock roof or via ground mount that our students build. If there is a power outage, the system has an automatic transfer switch to battery power (which happens within about 10 seconds of sensing the outage).

4 Electric Vehicle chargers installed on the other side of the battery storage training wall.
4 Electric Vehicle chargers installed on the other side of the battery storage training wall.

On the other side of the wall, we have 4 EVSE chargers - 3 are Level 2, and 1 is Level 1. One 30A Clipper Creek, one 20A Clipper Creek, one Meager 16A, and the SolarEdge that works with our bimodal system above. If the power goes out, you could actually still charge your car with this one. There is also a subpanel on this wall to train students on how these chargers are installed - by hardwire or plug-in connection. Both of these walls are powered by a portable 240V residential grade step-up transformer because our office/warehouse runs on 208V.  

We are excited to showcase this new equipment to our upcoming IBT classes and are working on the curriculum for these add-on IBT modules for training. Stay tuned!