Solar Spotlight: Zachary Peek

When Zachary Peek set out on his first day volunteering at GRID Alternatives he thought he would be watching over someone’s shoulder at an install. But that is not exactly how we do it at GRID.

"On my first day I was wiring an inverter,” he laughs. 

Peek first heard about GRID Alternatives while on CSU Chico’s campus. After researching sustainable energy, he found that solar was the most direct way to make the difference that he wanted. He said “I want to be as successful as I can with bringing solar options to more people and businesses.”

Peek notes that solar energy is one of the fastest moving fields, and research supports that claim. The Solar Foundation reported that there was a 20% growth in solar jobs from 2012-2013. Peek explained that his twenty installs in the North Valley gave him an easy entry point to his career in solar energy at Elite Solar in Chico California, where he started as a lead generator and an installer. Peek wasted no time in combining his education and his practical experience to create a versatile career in renewable energy. Shortly after, he moved into a position as Sales Consultant for the same company.

Clients ask him a “million questions” about the installation process because they are protective of their property and their roof in particular. The knowledge Peek gained from GRID about the install procedure helps him put new clients’ concerns at ease. He said, “I talk to really cool people about how to make a difference.”

As a recent Project Management graduate from CSU Chico, Peek appreciated seeing the install from start to finish. He described the experience as unique because “Volunteers can enter at every skill level and get great project and construction management experience.” He said, “The site leaders were there to help people progress at each milestone.”

North Valley GRID wants to send a congratulations to Peek for his escalating career in solar energy and thank him for his time volunteering with us. On his twenty installs Peek assisted in saving $508,743 for Northern Californian families and helped remove approximately 1570 tons of Greenhouse gases, which is the equivalent of taking 279 cars off the road in a year or planting 36,914 trees!