Solarthon Spotlight: Business Student Rob Bohn

UC Davis Business School student, Net Impact member, and GRID Alternatives supporter Rob Bohn shared his thoughts on GRID's impact on the community after his 2nd Solarthon experience. Students from UC Davis Net Impact raised funds for GRID Alternatives before taking part in one of the solar installations in the North City Farms neighborhood of Sacramento. 

It’s been an amazing opportunity to raise money for a great cause and also to be a part of an installation, to see where the money that we fundraise is going to, to see the family that’s going to benefit from these solar panels on their roof, to learn about the process, how solar panels are installed, all the hard work and knowledge that it takes in order to put a system on a roof. 

Reaching out to others to inform them about what we were fundraising money for, what Solarthon was all about, bringing that awareness to other people has been a great community building aspect for our group.

I think GRID Alternatives has this amazing vision that’s multifaceted: helping fight climate change, getting solar installed on a family’s home that wouldn’t otherwise have the means to do so, workforce education, and giving people an opportunity to build their skills.

Get involved. Support GRID Alternatives because the work that we’re doing here is really important and it’s really making a difference. Take my word for it: there are great things being done here. It has a huge impact on so many people in so many different ways. So get out there, support it, donate, volunteer, and make a difference.

-Rob Bohn