Stockton Resident Takes a Chance with GRID

When Rebecca asked her friends about getting solar, they told her not to do it. Among their warnings, they said that it doesn’t work, it could ruin her roof, and that it was too expensive. But when she got a flier from GRID talking about our no-cost solar installation program, she was intrigued and decided to call us anyways to learn more about the program and how it could save her up to 80% on her electricity bill. 

A five-year resident of her quiet neighborhood in South Stockton, Rebecca takes care of her 10-year-old grandson and was looking for ways to reduce her expenses. Upon reading the GRID flier, she thought, “Let’s just see what happens!”

“My PG&E bill is very expensive; $260, sometimes $300 a month, and who can afford that with this economy? I got the flier and called, thinking that maybe this is a good way of cutting my bills.”

Her experience with GRID’s staff is that they “are very nice and helpful, and they answer any questions I had, so I decided to go for it.” 

Rebecca is excited to start seeing her solar savings, and would “recommend GRID to anyone. Go for it! Don’t listen to what some people say, my roof is still good!” 

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