UC Davis Humphrey Fellows give first hand experiences with GRID


September 27, 2018
GRID has partnered with UC Davis Humphrey Fellows once again this year. Fellows joined us at our CA Adaptation Forum; Clean Technology tour and even participated in a install in Lincoln, CA. We spoke with Marlon and Gadri about their experiences with solar and GRID and how this experience will help them in the future.
“My name is Marlon from Cuba, and I’m a researcher at the University of Matanzas. I’m so interested in this project because in my country there’s a lot of potential to install solar panels in rural areas that are isolated and not able to connect to or afford the national electric power. My experience with GRID today was incredible. My team was the first on the roof. The staff explained every step for us; we practiced installation directly with different activities. In the first few minutes on the roof, I was a bit confused, but the staff created a confident environment for us, and the time flew up there. The crew explained how they use a solar meter to measure the solar radiation received on different parts of the roof. It’s so important.This type of knowledge will be very useful in my work moving forward.”
“I am Abdelkader from Libya but everyone calls me Gadri. Today we’ve learned some technical things, such as how much power photovoltaics generate and how to install solar panels.  I come from Libya, and because of the political situation, we have a severe problem with electrical energy. We are close to the equator, which means we have a lot of extra solar radiation that we can use to generate power. I’d like to possibly get involved in importing solar panels to my country. I believe I can make a change in my society. The most interesting thing I learned today was the installation process, along with the safety measures. I felt very safe even when I was on the roof. ’d like to try for an internship with GRID in the future.Thank you for this opportunity!”
We appreciate being able to offer solar training as part of the Humphrey Fellow's year long stay in the States. It's amazing to learn from a dozen professionals from around the world, how renewable energy can be a benefit to each of their unique communities. We look forward to our next encounter with the Humphrey Fellows!