Women Install Solar for Mother's Day


May 28, 2014

At the beginning of May, an amazing team of women drove 2+ hours to come install with our North Valley team.  Women from Sacramento to Redwood Valley came out to learn more about solar and participate in our Women in Solar Initiative.  The build took place the weekend of Mother's Day to celebrate the gift of solar for a deserving mother. The homeowner, Susie, is a mother of five, cancer survivor and helped build her own home.  The long drives were well worth the gratitude received from Susie's family.  

Not only do the four volunteers have passion for renewable energies and helping communities in need, but each one also has a unique background related to the work we do.  Kelly Linville is excited to have found our program because she is taking solar installation courses online in preparation for the NABCEP certification.  “The crew really took their time teaching me about the racking system, wiring and panel installation.  The ladies that joined were a joy to work with,” stated Kelly.  By volunteering with GRID, she can match her online education with our hands on opportunity.  Amanda Fischer drove all the way from Redwood Valley so that she could learn more about the solar installation process.  She is currently studying Sustainable Building Design and recognizes solar is an important component.  Heather Taylor is an Air Quality Engineer at the Air Quality Control District.  She also has an interest in the NABCEP certification and learning about system design. Lastly, Mich Gordon previously worked for Solar City as a Drafter.  After a break from the solar industry, she decided to get involved again by volunteering with GRID.

This exceptional team of four helped install the 22 panel system with ease. Although this was the first time the volunteers had met, they quickly found a rhythm with one another and enjoyed installing the large system.  GRID Construction Fellow, Jenka Terentieva, says "It makes me happy to see the solar industry warmly welcome extraordinary women to take this amazing opportunity."