For many students in America, Spring Break is a time for revelry and abandon. This year 27 students from University of Michigan and Arizona State University bucked this trend and instead chose to spend their week of vacation bringing solar power to six Native American families.

“If there is a challenge in life, it just means there is a victory waiting to happen.”

In 1996 while serving as a trainer of Special Operations marines, Marine Sgt. David Brannon fell from a repelling tower rupturing 4 discs in his back. He gave his best in rehab and returned to active duty with the first marine division for 8 years of fast paced work resulting in severe degenerative disc disease with which he still struggles today.

Ruth Monroe, our featured One More homeowner this month, has led an amazing life.At 83, Ruth told us about her amazing life that included being one of the Rosie Riveters during WWI. Ruth has always looked towards the future. During WWII, she joined the war effort as a reservist marine, building fighter planes. Afterwards, she worked for Howard Hughes as a technical writer. In the 60’s, she was a part of several civil rights campaigns. She is someone who is constantly giving back to her community.