When Opportunity Knocks, You Have to Open the Door


May 15, 2015

Excitement is contagious!

The other day, the air here was thick with it. It was hard to resist the happiness exuding from the warehouse as our staff gathered to watch a man achieve an important step for his career.

David Beck knew that solar paneling would not only benefit his handyman company but also the community at large. So in November of 2014, when he graduated from Associated Technical College, he immediately joined on as a GRID volunteer. His goal was to complete our job training program and be certified as a Team Leader. Any one can install a solar panel, but it takes a special person with the right training to manage a team of installers.

His training hasn’t been easy. For the last six months, Beck has given up his valuable time to complete 20 builds equalling 275 hours of volunteer work. Making sure he knew that we knew how important this was, the entire staff gathered round to thank him and give him his first step team leader certificate. Beck was all smiles!

“Wind and solar are the way of the future. We need to embrace instead of fighting it. I appreciate this experience. It has been a great process that I have learned a lot from,” says Beck.

His training doesn’t stop. Next step: The Roof. To achieve certification as a Roof Team Leader, Beck will give just as much time and energy, if not more. His favorite builds have been the ones where he was able to experience the installations right at the source. He cannot wait until he is up on the roof full time.

This month we highlight David Beck as the One More person. He takes every opportunity to better himself so he can help those around him. So do we!

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