Here in Shannon County, South Dakota, poverty is endemic, perpetuated by substandard housing and lack of economic infrastructure. In the Pine Ridge reservation and surrounding communities, a growing population of Native youth struggles with uncertain opportunity. Tribal and community leaders are facing these obstacles down by embarking on a path of sustainable community development that embraces cultural values and self-determination.
We're joining President Obama and over 300 other companies, organizations and public agencies in making major new commitments to deploy renewable energy. In support of the Obama administration’s national renewable energy goals, we're committing to help install 100 MW of solar power on affordable single-family and multifamily homes across the country by 2024.
At 8:30am on an unusually hot July San Diego day, it would seem that the thought of being on a roof would be daunting. Not so for the Kmoch family as they helped the staff and volunteers of GRID Alternatives install solar panels. Rather, the heat just served as a pleasant reminder that all these solar rays would be absorbed by the fourteen panels that were to be installed on their home!
“"My parents chose this because of the economic aspects of saving money, I believe that we are going to reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive contribution to the world”"– says Elena Arroyo, daughter of Luis and a student at San Diego City College.