Catching up with homeowner: Elizabeth Bertrams


January 25, 2019

 It’s been 9 months since Chico homeowner Elizabeth Bertrams’ solar electric system was installed by GRID. Bertrams is a science teacher and single mom who was introduced to GRID’s Energy for All program through her mom and her uncle, who had both been solar recipients.  

“My mom heard about the roof rehab grant through the City of Chico that GRID Alternatives was managing, and was immediately interested. She is highly satisfied with the quality of the work that was done by GRID and by Baird Roofing” (who was contracted by GRID),

 Elizabeth’s life has been greatly impacted by her choice to go with GRID. “I feel awesome having the solar system! The best part other than saving money on my electric bill, is that I am reducing my carbon footprint. Lower bills are extremely important, since I am a stay at home mom living on a fixed income. Most recently, GRID informed me that I may qualify for a clean vehicle grant through the Beneficial State Foundation. I was interested and sure enough I qualified and bought a hybrid vehicle. Today, I am very happy that I have chosen GRID to help me out. This is the  best decision that I have made.” Elizabeth was happy to share her GRID experience, and we are happy with her outcome!