Black History is American History, 365 Days a Year!


February 25, 2020
black employees with their fist up

African Americans have always taken pride in their culture and heritage, but it’s highlighted in February for Black History Month (BHM)! From health, entertainment, environmental justice, education, and more, African Americans have been at the forefront, making vital contributions to advancements in these areas. 

GRID’s commitment to equity, inclusion, and diversity (EID) creates an organizational culture of diversity that is at the core of our work. It’s important to feel comfortable being yourself in the workplace. This month we’re spotlighting the North Valley’s African American employees and what being black at GRID means to them. Sterling, Alisha, Sekou, Logan, Andre, and Bakari, represent several departments within the organization and shared some of their thoughts.

“Working at other organizations I didn’t always feel like diversity mattered. I often felt alone and that I couldn’t be myself, and had to code-switch to fit into the culture. As black women, we are often stereotyped to be aggressive, have attitudes, told we are unapproachable and are the most disrespected,” says Alisha, Communications Associate. At GRID I have felt supported to be myself by my colleagues and be embraced rather than being judged by the unique colors of my hair, the way I dress, and other cultural differences.”

GRID provides employees with a place where diverse voices are heard and common ground can be found. In the North Valley staff are given the opportunity to participate in quarterly EID activities, initiatives, and projects for everyone to learn together and grow in communal understanding. In the past staff have come together to watch movies and discuss issues such as racial inequality and social identity. Diversity matters for everyone and should always be embraced. Celebrate Black history every day!