Board of Directors

Derrick Ross, Secretary & Treasurer

Derrick Ross specializes in mechanical engineering, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) technologies. Currently employed as a Research & Development Engineer at UC Davis Western Cooling Efficiency Center, Derrick studies emerging HVAC technologies using a combination of equipment modeling, laboratory experiments, and field demonstrations with the hopes of ultimately reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Derrick states, ‘GRID Alternatives provides a comprehensive solution that will help push our planet towards a sustainable future, while at the same time giving back to local communities in the underserved portions that need it most. The support provided by the organization is enabling the participation of all people in the renewable energy revolution, regardless of socioeconomic status  In summary, GRID Alternatives’ mission is an effective approach to build a sustainable future while improving local communities, and I want to help facilitate that,’.

Jonathan Marz, President

Jonathan Marz is an attorney at O'Laughlin & Paris LLP in Sacramento, where he counsels and represents public agency and private clients in matters involving water rights and related environmental issues. Jonathan's interest in GRID Alternatives arises from his interest in the company's three-part philanthropic goals: (1) helping low-income families attain economic security; (2) providing volunteer installers valuable hands-on experience; and (3) pursuing clean, renewable energy.
Sara Long

Sara Long

With 10 years of marketing development and an extensive network within the greater Sacramento area’s solar industry, Sara’s expertise includes lead generation, branding, event planning, and strategic development. She currently serves as the Senior Marketing Manager at Direct & Digital Acquisition at Sunrun, Inc., and has previously worked for Rec Solar, Inc. and Conergy USA in various marketing positions. In 2011,Sara had the pleasure of installing a solar system on a school in Nicaragua with Power to the People! (presently GRID Alternatives International Program).