Proteus, Inc. Partnership

GRID’s Central Valley office has been partnering with Proteus since 2010 to provide hands-on on training to the organization’s photovoltaic students.

Through the 6-week class, the students are taught photovoltaic theory with on-site training. Proteus, a leading local provider of training, education, and community services, includes GRID Alternatives in their curriculum, relying on our opportunities for off-site training.

Our partnership provides the students an extension of classroom training, adding hands-on experience. Each class participates in a 2-day installation to show the real-world application of what they learned in the classroom.

In the 6 years GRID has been partnering with Proteus, over 100 Proteus trainees have gained Team Leader skills in safety, conduit bending, racking installation, inverter wiring and many more focus areas. GRID’s solar workplace training has helped 164 Proteus trainees gain employment in the industry.