GRID to install solar in Ciudad Dario, Nicaragua

Install off-grid solar home systems on an 8-day trip while learning about Nicaraguan history and culture.

A rural off-grid community in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, is home to more than 100 residents who earn their living from growing crops and raising livestock.  Families cultivate corn, sorghum, and pasture, and many families raise livestock owned by farm owners in the nearby town of Ciudad Darío.

Totumblita 2021 Family Nicaragua

Since the national electric grid does not reach the community, families use candles, kerosene lamps and flashlights to light their homes.  Kerosene lamps are not only expensive but also dangerous for indoor use. They are a fire hazard and emit fumes that can cause chronic respiratory illnesses like asthma. GRID has been working in the community since 2015 to bring solar to homes and community buildings so families have better access to reliable electric lighting, news, communication, entertainment, and income-generating opportunities. 

Totumblita 2021 Roof Nicaragua

Bring solar to more off-grid families so they have access to electric lighting at night and can use small electrical appliances in their homes. Learn about the history and culture of Nicaragua, experience what life is like in a rural off-grid community, help install battery-based solar home systems on homes, and participate in GRID's service learning curriculum to learn more about sustainable international development.

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Project Dates: June 22-29, 2024

Cost: $2,500 per person 

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