HQ - Carla Estrada

Carla Estrada
Office and Partnership Manager
Carla is a native Nicaraguan who works side by side with leaders in rural communities promoting empowerment and supporting community development. She has a passion for working with volunteers, facilitating their interaction with local people, and showing them her country, culture, and history. Carla graduated with a Business Administration degree and did a post-graduate program in formulation and evaluation of social projects. Before working for Power to the People, Carla worked for a different NGO focusing on sustainable development in rural communities. Carla has also worked as an educator in the National Zoo and Rescue Center, and as a volunteer in orphanages and in the burn center for children in Managua. Carla thanks all the volunteers and everyone working with GRID for supporting her country, especially the impoverished communities. Carla hopes GRID will keep expanding and promoting clean energy in rural and urban communities.