Ithzaria Garcia Jarquin

Solar Technician
Ithzaria Garcia Jarquin is a solar technician with the GRID Alternatives team in Nicaragua. She holds a degree in renewable natural resources engineering and, since graduating, has worked in a family hardware store where she played a key role in reorganizing and automating the inventory and management system.

In addition, Ithzaria participated in a youth exchange program in Germany, where she volunteered to assist low-income families. Her activities included promoting literacy, sports, and fostering the development of small businesses.

In 2018, GRID Alternatives became a transformative force in her life, allowing her to volunteer for a Women in Solar project and later become an intern in the IBT-200 program. Now, as a solar technician, she is committed to continuing her efforts to reduce the gender gap in the solar industry, especially in a country where opportunities for women are limited.

Working with communities to install solar systems and, consequently, bringing light to people's lives is her primary source of inspiration. This work allows her to understand that as an organization, GRID Alternatives continues to make a positive impact on Nicaraguan families and contribute to environmental sustainability by harnessing the sun as a primary source of energy.