Working at GRID Mid-Atlantic Has Changed My Overall Perspective


August 12, 2019
GRID Mid-Atlantic Executive Assistant, Dawn Fong, working at a staff build, leaning on a beam and smiling for the picture.

Before I started working at GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic in 2018, I came to the organization as a client looking to install solar on my home. I attended a GRID open house in my area and appreciated how they invited guests to come in to meet employees and learn about the organization's work. Ultimately, that experience led me towards a career opportunity at GRID and I’m happy to work with those I met that day.

Working at GRID Mid-Atlantic has changed my overall perspective. It was an intro to living a more sustainable life both personally and professionally. This experience has kindled a passion for advocating for environmental justice and opening new doors through workforce development. While most jobs are given to those that already have the experience, we invest in bringing newcomers — usually local residents — a plethora of resources, including job training, that prepares them to enter the solar industry. 

GRID Mid-Atlantic’s anniversary celebrates five-years of changing lives in communities that I grew up in and still reside.