Solarize a school in El Regadio, Nicaragua: July 22-30, 2017

Ten international participants traveled to the community of El Regadio in San Sebastián de Yalí, Nicaragua in July to work alongside community members on the installation of an off-grid solar system on the local school. We were connected to El Regadio through a GRID client in the Bay Area from Nicaragua whose family members live in the community. The system provides lights and AC power to support and improve the quality of communication, education, and recreation for students and community members. 

Electricity at the school enables the teachers and residents to charge their cell phones and plug in small appliances. Classes can be offered in the evenings at a convenient time for working adults and the teachers will be able to plan their lessons at night without having to commute into town to use electricity. In addition to the educational potential electricity could provide, the school may also serve as a gathering place after school hours where the community would be able to meet and hold events, like movie nights, festivals,ceremonies, and hold meetings for community cooperatives.

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