October 7-15, 2017: Solar Home Systems in El Regadio, Nicaragua

 In October 2017, GRID Alternatives participants immersed in the community of El Regadio, Nicaragua and worked alongside residents to install solar home systems, while experiencing local life and culture. GRID Alternatives was introduced to the El Regadio community by a GRID Alternatives client homeowner in Richmond, CA whose family is from this community in Nicaragua, which lies in the north central region of Jinotega in Nicaragua. Jinotega is known for its cool climate, its mountainous terrain, and its ideal conditions for growing coffee. Most families in rural communities make their living through agriculture, growing crops and raising cattle.

Many families use kerosene or diesel lamps in their homes to see at night, even if they are aware that they are at risk for respiratory illnesses, because it is the least expensive option. These lighting solutions do not provide the quality families desire and are expensive and hazardous to use. Participants installed solar home systems that provide each household with light and AC power outlets so families can use regular home appliances like lamps, cell phones, TVs, computers, and fans. Access to clean energy in their homes will unlock new opportunities for El Regadio families!

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