PBS SoCal TV coverage - A modern day barn raising, except this time instead of building a structure to store grain and farm animals, this project stores the energy of the sun.

Rich Gordon is one of those volunteers that every non-profit hopes to have. He is dedicated, passionate, and volunteers.... a LOT. In fact, in just over a year, he has put in over 450 hours of volunteer time, including time at two Solarthons and becoming the star Team Leader in the GRID Alternatives North Valley office.
Two important partners came together to bring new light to a small corner of San Luis Obispo on August 24th, 2013 when GRID Alternatives, a non-profit organization that brings solar power to underserved communities, hosted its annual Solarthon fundraiser. Three homes being built by Habitat for Humanity of San Luis Obispo County were outfitted with solar electric systems during the event, thanks to around 50 volunteers and job trainees. When the houses are completed next month, three deserving families will move into homes crafted by the hands of volunteers and powered by the rays of the sun.