On January 7th, 2014, students from University of Nebraska-Lincoln escaped the sub-zero temperatures of the recent Polar Vortex to enjoy two days of mild Goshen, California temperatures installing solar with GRID. The 26 students were part of the UNL Alternative Service Break Program, which aims to expose students to issues within different communities and immersing them in hands on experience to facilitate solutions. The group marveled at the diversity they saw in California, but were a diverse group themselves; from undergraduates to recent grads, from international students to a Central Valley native that came home to serve. Read More >
Living out each day with a life-threatening illness is a miracle. But for 3 year old Tamara's parents, it means more. It means a lifelong commitment to sustaining her medical equipment, and electric bills up to $350 each month. For GRID Alternatives and our supporters, it is a chance to provide a Roseville family a much needed measure of security. Read More >
Give today, and we'll put your dollars to work tomorrow, making solar energy affordable for everyone who needs it. Read More >
Three tribal families to receive no-cost solar electric systems. Kick-off event is Tuesday, December 3 at 11am. Read More >
Every day at GRID Alternatives we work to provide hands-on training for those interested in working in the solar energy field. The commitment to teaching is not only for our volunteers, but also for our SolarCorps Fellows, individuals who spend a year in service with GRID Alternatives in exchange for learning opportunities that will help jump-start their careers. Read More >
GRID Alternatives Inland Empire teamed up with Emma and 6 other Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley homeowners to spread that “enormous good feeling” to hundreds of corporate and individual sponsors, community leaders, and job trainees on November 9th at Solarthon – GRID’s annual community solar installation, block party, and fundraiser! Read More >
“We wanted to give college students who are passionate about renewable energy the chance to turn that passion into action doing projects that have a tangible impact on families’ lives” Read More >
The Governor's signature on the Equitable Access to Solar Energy Bill (AB217) means continued access to solar for struggling California families. Read More >
“"I am convinced the only solution we can find to climate change is one that must include women and must include all of our communities, because otherwise it will not be successful." Read More >
Check out these energy efficiency tips that can help everyone save money and the planet! Read More >


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