Caring for Your System

To optimize your savings and keep your system in good working order, you need to keep your solar panels clean and free from any obstructions (trees, satellite dishes) that could shade them. Any shade can lower the system’s electricity production.

Keep Panels Clean
We recommend that you wash your solar panels at least once a year. If you live in a dusty area (for example, near a freeway or a construction site) it may help to wash the panels more often, especially before summer when the system produces the most electricity.

To clean your panels, hose them down with water while standing on the ground. DO NOT GO UP ONTO YOUR ROOF. You can use a hose nozzle to help increase water pressure.

CAUTION: Do not wash your panels when they are hot, as this may damage the panels. The best time to clean them is early in the morning after they have cooled all night. Washing your solar panels will make your roof wet and slippery. Never stand on the roof to clean your panels. Never walk on the panels as this can damage them. Do not touch the wires or conduit. Do not use chemicals to clean your panels.

If you discover that pigeons or other wildlife have dirtied your panels, please contact GRID Alternatives and we will assess the situation. We may clean up and install guards around your solar panels to prevent animals from harming your panels in the future.

Reduce Shading
Be sure to trim trees, plants or shrubs around your home that may shade any part of your solar panels. If you are installing an antenna or satellite dish, make sure it does not shade any part of your solar panels. Also watch for shade that may be caused by new buildings or new trees near your home.

If you notice any damage to your panels or the system, you can make a service call and a GRID representative will come out to make repairs.

Caring for Your Inverter
If your inverter is outside, make sure it stays shaded. Inverters must stay away from sunlight. If it is an older model, the fan may need to be cleaned out occasionally. The new ones do not have fans.

The inverter should not be obstructed in any way or have anything placed under or over it.

Envoys should not be removed from where they are placed.​