Founder's Blog

Meet Adam Bad Wound, our Vice President of Development.
Community is one of the core values we hold as an organization, and we see it in action every day.
April is National Volunteer Month, and that got us thinking about all the volunteers - from board members, advocates, and everyone on our jobsites - who have shaped our organization into what it is today. We just want to say….
At GRID, we get reminders every day of the generosity of our community. Every time you volunteer on an installation or share our stories with a friend, you’re showing us you care.
Last week we released a new short film to accompany our Low Income Solar Policy Guide that features some of our climate leaders, and shows how their investments in solar are paying off for their families and their constituencies.
In June, we had the great pleasure of spending an evening with some of our most dedicated supporters, clients, volunteers and partners at our annual Interconnection event in San Francisco.
As we close Women’s month, we can't help but use this issue as an excuse to shine a light on some of the many incredible women in our network.