Women in Solar

Troops to Solar volunteers install solar for Marine veteran and single-mother Karina Chavez.
GRID Alternatives Central Coast is pleased to announce the certification of 4 new team leaders working to install solar for low income families. The Team Leader program was developed for “super volunteers” – volunteers who attend repeated solar installations with our team- working towards mastery of a checklist of installation skills. It takes time, patience and dedication to achieve team leader status and these solar hotshots have certainly earned their coveted orange shirts!
On a sunny Saturday morning in June, five women came together to volunteer in a South Sacramento neighborhood by installing a solar array. Many of them had never met one another or the homeowner they served, but they were all held together by a common bond: each of these women, along with GRID Outreach Coordinator Kim Garrett, comes from a background of military service.
The Atlantic recently came out to a women's build in Watts to talk about the solar job boom.
Diana Melody knows exactly what the workers on her rooftop are doing -- she volunteered with GRID Alternatives for around six months before a knee operation put her out of commission.
What do a high school student, city council member, solar professional and a network engineer have in common?
“I love nature and believe it is our responsibility to take care of it” states Nichol Conigliaro. Nichol is a Navy veteran and recent graduate from the job training program, Proteus Inc. “I learned about GRID Alternatives through Proteus. I had such a great time with everyone and loved that we were a team” stated Nichol.
As the Volunteer Training Assistant it is great to have the opportunity to get to know our wonderful volunteers and how they came to learn about GRID Alternatives. With that in mind, one afternoon I had the opportunity to meet Alison Van Dusen in our office, after completing her first install.
Jennifer White is here to help. The UCLA Graduate has master’s degrees in both Public Policy and Education, she is self disciplined, highly motivated and is currently channeling her significant energies into her position as a GRID Alternatives Outreach Fellow.
When Richmond-resident Kirk Essler first heard about GRID in the local newspaper, he thought that solar at no cost for income-qualified families just sounded too good to be true. “I knew my house was perfect for solar,” he explained, “…but if something sounds like such a good deal, you have to be cautious. But I went ahead and applied – I had nothing to lose.”