Women in Solar

Willits residents Dustin and Rebecca may not have known in 2014 that GRID Alternatives launched a satellite office in their small hometown. But, this spring, they became the first family in Willits to receive a new solar system from GRID!
SunEdison and GLA team together again to install solar in Long Beach!
Leading women volunteer alongside youth job trainees to bring solar energy to the Menjivar family.
Days are growing warmer and as the temperature rises so does the level of eagerness with local Edison High School students that are preparing for graduation. Through a recent installation experience with GRID Alternatives, Yanessa Gonzalez’s excitement caught the attention of GRID staff members.
Ruth Monroe, our featured One More homeowner this month, has led an amazing life.At 83, Ruth told us about her amazing life that included being one of the Rosie Riveters during WWI. Ruth has always looked towards the future. During WWII, she joined the war effort as a reservist marine, building fighter planes. Afterwards, she worked for Howard Hughes as a technical writer. In the 60’s, she was a part of several civil rights campaigns. She is someone who is constantly giving back to her community.
The following post is the first part in a series on UC Berkeley's Solar Spring Break with GRID Alternatives. These dedicated students raised money to fund their own volunteer installation experience with GRID, and spent the week learning to install solar and meeting industry leaders. Thanks to Angela Shen, our first guest blogger, for sharing a journal that she kept of her Solar Spring Break experience!
A group of ten female students from Columbia University’s Women in Energy Program (WIE) joined GRID Tri-State for a day of solar installation in the Bronx and helped another low-income homeowner go solar.