Letter from the Founders

Dear Friends,

GRID Alternatives was born ten years ago with a vision that still guides us: That clean power from the sun should be available to everyone. We believed then, as we do now, that if we could just get enough people together we could change who has access to solar, who benefits, and who builds the industry. Today, with a network of more than 30,000 clients, volunteers, supporters and partners, we are succeeding.

Together we have built a rooftop power plant that is putting millions of dollars back into the hands of families with the greatest need, from the heart of California’s farm country to our nation’s capital. Our hands-on training opportunities have given marketable skills to the unemployed, solar job trainees and residents of the disadvantaged communities where we work. And we have educated policy-makers about solar as a real-world solution to the challenges of climate change, the growing gap between rich and poor, and the need for good, local jobs.

We have accomplished all of this because we share in the conviction that a successful transition to clean energy must include all of our communities, and every one of us is willing to roll up our sleeves and help get the job done. Thank you for your vision, your support and your hard work! We look forward to accomplishing even more together in 2015.

Erica Mackie
Tim Sears
Erica Mackie, P.E., Co-Founder and CEOTim Sears, P.E., Co-Founder and CFO/COO