The solar industry’s growth is an opportunity to lift up our most disadvantaged communities. Solar jobs pay on average $20-$24 an hour, and are growing at a rate of 20% each year. GRID provides job seekers with real-world experience and helps connect people that need good jobs with an industry that needs good people.

Generating careers: meet Denny Sysaknoi

“I grew up in a neighborhood that was violent, and there were always shootings around,” reflected Denny Sysaknoi. “I was getting in trouble in school. My father told me I was not ever going to be anybody.” After seeing his brother be sent to prison in Oklahoma, and himself spending a week in jail for an unregistered firearm, he was determined to make a positive change. He enrolled in vocational school and began volunteering at GRID, which turned into a six-month internship. Immediately after finishing his internship, he was hired by a local solar company and started leading a crew of his own.

The solar industry is expected to add 36,000 jobs in the next year, with more than 21,000 of them in installation. Through our Workforce Development programs, we’re helping make sure that those jobs are going to people who need them most. 


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