GRID’s workforce training programs help jumpstart solar careers, connecting people that need good jobs with an industry that needs good people.

Generating careers: meet Denny Sysaknoi

“I grew up in a neighborhood that was violent, and there were always shootings around,” reflected Denny Sysaknoi. “I was getting in trouble in school. My father told me I was not ever going to be anybody.” After seeing his brother be sent to prison in Oklahoma, and himself spending a week in jail for an unregistered firearm, he was determined to make a positive change. He enrolled in vocational school and began volunteering at GRID, which turned into a six-month internship. Immediately after finishing his internship, he was hired by a local solar company and started leading a crew of his own.

It doesn’t take an advanced degree to get a well-paid, high-growth solar job. Our Workforce Development programs help people get the skills they need to succeed.

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