On the ballot: racial justice and climate action


October 13, 2020

On the ballot this year: Climate action. Environmental justice. Clean energy. Racial justice. Economic equity. Solar jobs.

This year, ongoing local, state, and federal elections will decide the future of racial and environmental equity in communities across the country. It will decide if we fearlessly enter this new decade investing in renewable energy technologies and jobs that provide economic opportunities for individuals and families. It will decide the future of the planet for generations to come. 

We know you support GRID. Policy powers the important work we do together at GRID and it determines who benefits from renewable energy. This November will directly determine clean energy policy that affects us as an organization, and more importantly, impact the communities we partner with.

Yes, your vote matters. And yes, you can make a difference. This election, VOTE for environmental justice. 


  • Some state voter registration deadlines have already passed. Check (or double-check) your registration status at vote.org.

Inform yourself.

Get ready. 

Protect yourself.

Get inspired.