Celebrate sustainably this holiday season!


December 11, 2018

As we count down final weeks of 2018 and look forward to celebrating the holidays with family and friends, we also remain vigilant about our electricity consumption. The end of the year presents a challenge for many households: a spike in energy use for heating, cooking, and celebrations.

Through our partnership with Energy Upgrade California, we're committed to educating our clients, partners and supporters about the importance of conserving energy throughout the year, and espcially during times of increased usage.

Be sure to put these tips and tricks into practice in your home this holiday season to create energy-efficient habits that last:

  1. Turn off this lights in unoccupied rooms. In most cases, lighting can be turned off in outdoor areas or the garage. And remember to use LED light bulbs, which use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer compared to incandescents. By getting rid of inefficient incandescent bulbs, you can imitate Hanukkah with light that lasts several times longer!
  2. Wait until dark to turn on your holiday lights and turn them off before you go to bed. If you have trouble remembering to turn your lights on and off, set a timer to help.
  3. Cook dishes that can be made at the same temperature together in the oven to get the most out of the heat and reduce your energy use.
  4. Many electronics (including TVs, DVD players, computers, printers, and radios) use energy even when they aren’t turned on. Unplug these items before you go on vacation, and enjoy the energy savings.
  5. According to energyquest.ca.gov, 40% of all batteries are purchased during the holiday season. Try buying energy-efficient gifts, or invest in rechargeable batteries for toys.

Special thanks to Energy Upgrade California for their parternship! Check out the video above to see what we accomplished this year, featuring a cameo by GRID San Diego!