Celebrating Black Achievement at GRID: Manny Anyiam

GRID is honoring Black History Month and Black Futures Month by celebrating Black Achievement at GRID -- in February and all year. Follow along as we introduce GRID staff members whose work and influences are driving our vision of a just energy future.

Meet Emmanuel (Manny) Anyiam, our Payroll Manager. Manny is responsible for making sure that all GRID employees (over 300 of us!) are paid correctly through payroll and expense reimbursements, and is a longtime contributor to our internal Equity, Inclusion, and Diverity efforts. His passion for numbers started at age four when he found an old math book in his family's apartment.

How did you come to GRID?

I was actually just looking for a job as a Payroll Accountant. When I applied to GRID Alternatives I did not know what GRID was. So I did some research and saw that they were a nonprofit solar company. I was thinking "Ok, this is intriguing." When I came for my interview, everyone was so nice and helpful. After my interview, I left thinking that this was the place for me and I hope they call me for the job. A week later, I received a call that I was hired. I was so excited. I actually started planning the next three months of life, one of which included proposing to my now wife.

What is your favorite part of what you do at GRID?

I actually enjoy the number crunching and the calculations I do for GRID. I also enjoy the collaborations with other departments, such as the Human Resources department. Being able to work with different personalities here at GRID has been fun and a great learning experience.

Who is a current Black history-maker that people should know about, or has influenced your work?

I think folx should know about Henrietta Lacks; her cancer cells are the source of the HeLa cells. My friend and I were talking about her other day and he enlightened me about her. With this pandemic, I feel that everyone should know about Henrietta Lacks.

What’s one thing GRID is working on now that you’re really excited to see happen this year?

I am excited about our internal EID program, which stands for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity. It has been a working plan for about the last three years. Above all, this is one main reason why I stay at GRID. With where the EID program has started and where it is now, I see more diversity in upper level management, hiring practices, and through our job training. I also like that my colleagues and I have safe spaces to vent.

What is your vision for an environmentally just future?

My vision would be that environmental laws can be beneficial for all people instead of just being beneficial to certain groups of folx. Also, we continue to do our part to ensure solar renewable energy for all, especially for those in underserved communities.