Farewell Buzz!


December 11, 2012

As a volunteer-based organization, we are surrounded by amazing, dedicated people who give and give and give – of their time, their energy, their expertise, and their financial support. But if there is one person who epitomizes this at GRID it is Hill "Buzz" Blackett, III - Of Counsel, Friedman & Springwater LLP, who retired as president of our board of directors this year after seven years of service. In addition to his leadership, Buzz is also a Team Leader, and has been a top major donor and fundraiser for years running. Wow! We sat down with Buzz recently to find out what about GRID inspires him and this is what he told us:

Q. What inspires you most about GRID’s work and mission?
I see GRID’s mission as including all of the things that I think are the most important challenges for the world. One - the continuing effort to reduce eliminate poverty. Two - the effort to reduce global warming. Three - bringing people together in our ever-splintering society with common goals that helps build community through its projects. GRID is right at the cutting edge of all of these things.

Q. Describe a particularly memorable install experience?
In 2011, I invited my law school classmates to help install at the San Diego Solarthon. It was a lot of fun, and it also gave me a chance to help them see what solar was about and help them get their hands dirty. The result was that they got enthusiastic about GRID’s work and made contributions of their own.

Q. Why is GRID a good philanthropic investment?
GRID has demonstrated that it helps people solve their financial challenges, and it provides a service and technology that is needed throughout the country and world. These two things make me believe that it will be around for a long time and continue to make a difference in the world. It really is an investment in the future.

Finally, Buzz says, “Although I’m no longer on the Board, I’ve really enjoyed my installation experiences and hope to start doing them again in 2013.”

Thank you Buzz!