GRID completes first project in Mexico!


November 09, 2017


Volunteers, job trainees and GRID staff celebrate the completion of the project with orphanage residents.

An orphanage in Baja California, Mexico will soon start saving hundreds of dollars each month on electricity costs thanks to their brand new solar system! In October, GRID San Diego and our International Program partnered with nonprofit organizations Corazón de Vida and Get Charged Up to complete our very first project in Mexico--a 10 kilowatt grid-tied solar electric system on the Casa Hogar Ebenezer orphanage.

Home to 35 children ages 3-18 years, the orphanage provides safe accommodations and stability for displaced children in Tijuana. The new solar system will bring clean energy to the orphanage and much-needed savings on their monthly electric bill--money which can instead be used to provide the children with healthy food and school supplies, maintain a comfortable living environment, and unlock new possibilities.

"We usually don't get [cash] donations," remarked Eva Duarte, who runs the orphanage with her husband, Pastor Freddy Duarte. She noted that donations usually come in the form of food, appliances, clothes and toys for the children, but that the finanial savings from solar will stretch even further. "This new system will allow us to save actual money from the [energy] bill and put it where it's needed most."

Local community members and students from nearby Universidad Autónoma de Baja California studying Engineering and Renewable Energy joined us for this hands-on project to learn about solar, gain skills to enter the growing renewable energy industry, and have a role in creating a clean energy future for their country.

Volunteers work to install the 10-kilowatt system.
"This is what my tests are about!" remarked Cecilia Yepiz, one of the student volunteers. "Calculating the inverter that is needed, the amount of panels we can install at a given space with its own characteristics. There are so many things that I learned by participating at this installation!"

"This is the first time I have been able to get hands on experience on a solar installation," said Armando, another student. "I hope to be able to volunteer on many more future projects!"

Check out more photos from this special project! 

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