GRID-PG&E Interns Put Skills to Work


May 01, 2013

Sergio Coronel was an architect in his native Mexico, but when he married an American woman and moved with her to Chico, California, he had to start all over. In 2011, when he helped a crew of volunteers from GRID Alternatives install solar on his home, he knew he had found his calling.

"I was looking for a job at the time," Sergio recalled, "and a month later when I saw the posting for an internship with GRID Alternatives, I applied."

Sergio is one of four PG&E Solar Interns working in GRID Alternatives offices this year, learning solar installation, design, warehouse management and other skills to prepare them for jobs in the industry. And just last weekend, he got to lead teams of PG&E employee volunteers in installing solar for a local family much like his own!

Watch this year's PG&E Solar Interns in action!