SolarCorps Fellowship Spotlight: Meet Emma Soderstrom

Emma Soderstrom 

What is my role?

I am the SolarCorps HQ Commercial Project Management Fellow, currently based in the Bay Area. In my role, I support the project lifecycle for commercial and multi-family projects through scheduling, cost tracking, subcontractor coordination, and updating project information for completeness and accuracy.

About being a SolarCorps Fellow:

Coming into GRID as a SolarCorps fellow has been incredibly beneficial for my skills and confidence in a project management role. I feel as though I’ve been given an uncommon opportunity to take the lead on projects straight out of university, in a position that is learning-oriented, and in an environment that is supportive, all while furthering a mission that is incredibly important and impactful. It’s exciting to know that the organization you work for and the work that you are doing will have a positive and lasting effect on communities that may not have reaped the benefits of the renewable energy transition otherwise.

Additionally, all SolarCorps fellows have dedicated hours for professional development. Coming from a place of limited solar knowledge and zero construction knowledge, I have learned a tremendous amount about both over the past several months by dedicating many professional development hours at the start of my fellowship to learning about solar installs and by asking my colleagues many, many questions. I have also been able to use my professional development funds to acquire a Project Management Professional (PMP) exam prep book which I read as part of my professional development hours in hopes of taking the PMP exam one day.

Best part so far / something you are proud of / favorite part:

I think the best part of my time with SolarCorps has been the opportunity to go beyond supporting the project lifecycle into managing the project lifecycle. In my time as a fellow, I have managed two projects: a 150kW-DC new construction senior living facility in Visalia called Myrtle Ave Senior Apartments and a 80kW-DC TCC and SOMAH-funded, mutli-family retrofit project in Stockton called Santa Fe Townhomes. These are opportunities that I am so thankful for.


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