SolarCorps Fellowship Spotlight: Meet Shadeh Begian

Shadeh Begian 

What is my role? 

I am the current SolarCorps HQ Multifamily Project Management Fellow, mostly based in the Bay Area. My role primarily consists of technical assistance and support by providing initial assessments on prospective projects. This includes creating preliminary solar designs and proposals using software like Helioscope and Energy Toolbase. 

About being a SolarCorps Fellow 

My SolarCorps term has brought experiences I would not otherwise have had the opportunity to have. Coming from an environmental studies background with basic knowledge on solar, this year has given me the time to deepen my understanding not only in the world of renewables, but also what it’s like to work in a field filled with like-minded people working for an organization with a mission toward environmental and social justice. With our professional development funds, I have started taking GIS courses where I will earn a certification allowing me greater opportunities in the workforce once my term ends. This program has provided me with resources to continue developing my work experience while being surrounded by a community that continually gives encouragement and support. 

Best part so far / something you are proud of / favorite part:

Early in the term I was given a project where I assessed the PV potential for over 100 affordable housing properties in Maryland. Through my assessment, I put together an initial proposal which included preliminary solar system designs and a summary of how much solar power each site could generate. Knowing that the project is now in its next steps, I feel thankful and proud to have contributed to something that will benefit the community and the environment. 

Interested in learning more? SolarCorps Applications are now open! 

Join GRID Alternatives in training the next cohort of clean energy experts and answering the call to an equitable transition toward a sustainable future that includes everyone!  The fellowship runs from September 18, 2023 to August 15, 2024. Positions are located throughout California and the D.C. area. Remote and location flexible positions are also available in California. 

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