Spring 2019: Fresh ideas and new ways to serve


May 20, 2019
Picture of Erica Mackie and Tim Sears with Mejia family in Richmond, California

Dear Friends,

Spring is a time of renewal and has us thinking about the ways renewable energy can power change in communities. At its core, our work isn’t really about solar technology - it’s about people and communities. It’s the tangible ways clean energy helps communities thrive: keeping money in families’ pocketbooks, helping people launch new careers, and reducing pollution in the air we breathe.

When new opportunities come our way, we ask ourselves, how will this impact people? For the first time ever this year, we’re granting money to tribes, expanding the reach of our national tribal work by investing in shovel-ready solar energy projects in tribal communities across the United States. Funding from the Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund helps tribes achieve their renewable energy goals, create jobs right in their communities, and steward their precious natural and cultural resources.

We’re also pairing solar with other technologies like battery storage and electric vehicles to deepen our impact. Solar and electric vehicles together dramatically increase the benefits for families over solar alone, more than doubling their energy cost savings and, by replacing gasoline with sunshine, reducing tailpipe emissions right in the neighborhoods where people work and play. 

When our work is centered around people, instead of any specific technology, it pushes us to innovate in all sorts of new ways. We invite you to innovate with us. Share your ideas and stories, send new opportunities our way, be a part of a people-first renewable energy revolution. 

You can also participate in our work by joining our new member community! Support your local region, the International Program, or the Tribal Program by becoming a monthly GRID member.

Thank you for all you do to keep GRID growing.

Tim Sears & Erica Mackie
GRID Alternatives co-founders