Staff Spotlight: Maya Anthony

What is your role and where are you based? 

I am a Project Development Coordinator for GRID Headquarters, and I am currently based in San Diego, CA. My role includes a little bit of everything. I support fundraising, creating communication materials for prospective investors and borrowers, developing operating policies and procedures for GRID’s Energy Resilience Fund, and reviewing project requests that come in for financing.


What is something you are proud of working on during your time at GRID? 

I have learned so much while working at GRID, and continue to learn everyday. My time at GRID has really felt like a steep learning curve of the solar industry. I am particularly proud of my first year at GRID when I was onsite learning alongside other trainees. 

During my fellowship, I worked closely with GRID’s Tribal program under the leadership of Tim Willink. With no prior construction experience, I quickly earned my OSHA 10 and forklift certification, began unloading semi trucks of solar equipment, drilling steel, putting up ground mount racking, securing panels, aligning arrays, and wiring. I did all of this while feeling 100% safe, and I know that is not always how the construction industry feels, especially for women. Besides the technical skills and knowledge I gained from this experience, I really value the time I had with the other individuals I worked with during this multi-month long community solar install. 

There were 15 trainees participating in GRID’s Tribal program working on the installation. The other trainees came from different backgrounds, from students to retirees representing seven states and at least nine Tribal Nations. The installation crew, majority Indigenous, majority women, and majority new to the solar industry, was a powerful team to be a part of. While we had challenges drilling against underground boulders, safety concerns from the COVID-19 pandemic, and smoke from a fire nearby, I am proud to have participated in this community-solar installation in my hometown that supports Boulder Housing Partners’ sustainability initiative to become 100% powered by renewable energy and provides direct utility bill savings for affordable housing renters.