We are #MillionSolarStrong

This week we’re celebrating solar! The U.S. has officially surpassed an exciting and historic milestone: 1 million solar installations. Solar advocates and supporters across the country are spreading the word that we are  #MillionSolarStrong as part of a national campaign led by SEIA.

Here at GRID Alternatives, we’re so proud of how our work across the country has contributed to this milestone. With the help of our clients, volunteers and supporters across the country, we’ve worked to ensure that this first million installations has included working families, veterans, communities of color, Native Americans, seniors and other communities that can benefit the most from access to clean, affordable energy and solar jobs.

The U.S. is on track to hit 2 million installations in just two years. With this incredible growth comes an increased need to ensure that all Americans stand to benefit from the clean energy economy regardless of race, gender, education level or socioeconomic background. With every family who goes solar through our program, and every volunteer who gets hands-on solar job training, we’re showing the world the clean energy truly is for everyone.

Meet some of the million who are part of the GRID family: a veteran forging a new path career path; a client inspired to become an installer himself; a new mom empowering herself support her family; and a tribal member becoming the first in her pueblo to go solar. These are just four stories of America’s #MillionSolarStrong, but they each represent the important progress the country is making towards a clean energy transition that includes everyone.


Esmeralda Ramirez
A veteran's path to solar

Alaa Ali
Alaa: GRID client and future solar installer


Rose All Runner (right)
Solar help bring sustainability to Northern Pueblo

Chrissy Gonzales
New mom gets ready to work