What Solar Savings Can Buy


May 21, 2019
Evangelina and her husband, Alfred

Evangelina and Alfred have lived in their home in Central California for 18 years, and love to spend time with their three grown children and three grandchildren. One day, Evangelina’s husband bumped into a neighbor on the street who said they could save money on their electricity bill with solar energy. A few months later, GRID staff were on their roof installing a 4.4 kilowatt solar system.

“The money we save from our electricity bill will help us with gas money for doctor visits in Los Angeles for me and my son,” explained Evangelina.

Evangelina and her oldest son are both deaf, and have been diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, which causes benign brain and spinal tumors. The disease is not curable, meaning they will have to see a neurosurgeon for the rest of their lives. The trip to see their doctor is over two hours away from their home - and the price of gas adds up. The new solar system on Evangelina and Alfred’s home will save them over $1,100 annually on electricity bills, money that can be put towards medical expenses instead of paying, as Evangelina says, “sky-high summer electricity bills.”

At GRID, we are striving to make the benefits of solar energy accessible to all families. Savings on electricity bills is money back in families’ pockets they can use for other expenses, and can make a significant impact in their lives. “I think GRID is a very helpful choice and I wish more people would choose GRID!”

Do you know someone who may benefit from solar energy and qualify for our program? Refer them to GRID!