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We celebrate Native American Heritage Month (NAHM) to honor and recognize the rich culture, history and contributions of Native Americans to the United States. This year's theme is focused on tribal solidarity. Of the 574 federally recognized tribes in the United States, there is truly a vast diversity of tribal languages, customs, and traditions, as well as history.  While we honor every tribal nation, we would also like to recognize the unity of tribal nations as one people and the strength and empowerment of the original people of what is known today as North America. It is a time to acknowledge the enduring traditions, resilience, and the importance of preserving Native heritage for future generations while also raising awareness about the challenges and issues Natives continue to face. Join us in solidarity this month (and year-round) and download our Native American Heritage Month toolkit, where you will find NAHM history, resources on how to celebrate, and links to learn more about your local tribe. Stay tuned for more social content about tribal nations, GRID’s work, and upcoming events!









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