Curious about SolarCorps?: Here is Jovan’s Experience

Jovan (second from right) pictured at the Francis Apartments in Ontario, California.

Story by Jessica Sams, SolarCorps Outreach Fellow

“Eye-opening and informative” says Jovan Villa, as he sums up the eleven months of his SolarCorps Construction Fellowship at GRID Alternatives, Inland Empire. 

In a world deeply impacted by the negative effects of climate change, GRID’s SolarCorps Fellowship program provides a frontline experience in the climate action movement. From installing clean energy solar panels, to forging meaningful relationships with those affected by environmental consequences, fellows gain eleven months of hands-on experience in this solar industry opportunity.

Here is Jovan’s reflection of his time as a SolarCorps Fellow:

What is one challenge and success you experienced during your fellowship?
Being able to juggle between fieldwork and office work was a big challenge. It just wasn’t something I was used to. Eventually, I learned how to be more adaptive, especially when working on a roof during harsh weather–I would call that a success.

What’s your best memory of your SolarCorps term?
I spent a week in Anza, CA for a tribal installation. I learned about the tribe’s customs and what they go through on a day-to-day basis. It was very interesting!

What tools have the past eleven months equipped you with in order to pursue your career goals?
I’ve gained real world experience, computer and office skills, and learned the fundamentals of networking–which can be a very powerful tool. As of now, my career aspirations are blurry, but I want to go into real estate. I plan to complete courses for a license, and possibly pursue a field in business. 

What advice would you give to a future SolarCorps Construction Fellow?
Time can be very inconsistent out in the field, so definitely make sure you plan out your office days to include scheduled meetings and other required responsibilities that take place in the office!

What is one thing you will miss after your SolarCorps term?
I will miss the working environment and the GRID, Inland Empire team!


About Jovan:
Currently, Jovan enjoys learning about freshwater fishing. “It's something I’d like to get into. It’s a good entry level form of fishing, and more affordable. Plus, you don’t get seasick!” Aside from that, Jovan has also been watching Amazon’s action show “The Boys”. 


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