GRID's Educational Workshops 


August 27, 2019

Did you know that GRID North Valley offers workshops for those who want to go more in-depth with their solar education? 

This month our Technical Academy Manager, Steve Geiger, conducted a workshop on Ohm’s Law, a basic electricity calculation and how it's applied to solar system design. The workshop was full of valuable content, covering everything from the basics of electricity to the application of Ohm’s Law for solar system design. 

During the workshop, Steve shared several fun facts. I learned: in the late 1800s, Thomas Edison, and Nicola Tesla were embroiled in an intellectual battle between AC and DC electricity known as “war of the currents”; refrigerators run in cycles rather than 24/7; in solar design, we aim for less than a 2% drop in voltage over the length of the system; a consumer can be informed and empowered to monitor their energy usage using a device called a “kill-o-watt”. 

By the end of this informative and interactive workshop, the whole class was able to engage in a variety of basic solar design exercises! Each and every month Steve hosts a workshop where there is a new topic, for September the topic is “Series vs. Parallel.” To attend a workshop registration is required, log into the GRID portal for other upcoming dates.