GRID Alternatives Central Valley Announces Karina Gonzalez and David Griffin as New Co-Executive Directors

GRID Alternatives Central Valley is pleased to announce the selection of Karina Gonzalez and David Griffin as the new Co-Executive Directors. GRID Alternatives is a leader in making clean, affordable solar energy, solar jobs, and clean mobility accessible to income-qualified communities and communities of color across the Central Valley.

Karina Gonzalez brings over 16 years of experience in community outreach, education, and training. Joining the team in 2011, she has driven the GRID mission forward serving homeowners, job trainees, and building partnerships. She thrives in challenging situations, always looking for ways to improve department outcomes and program offerings. Working alongside the Central Valley team, she envisions a new map for serving the needs of the CV region. Her roots run deep as she has lived in Fresno County for over 30 years. She currently resides in Fresno with her husband and four wonderful children.  

David Griffin brings a wealth of financial and business management to his position from his work history which includes retail sales management, construction experience, and years of teaching prior to joining GRID Alternatives. David began volunteering with GRID after looking for a career that was socially, environmentally, and personally satisfying. It was then he decided to join the Central Valley Fresno team and David has served the GRID CV office for over 11 years. As a life-long resident of the Central Valley, he seeks to grow the impact of GRID Central Valley. 

GRID Alternatives CEO and co-founder Erica Mackie shared, “We are thrilled that Karina and David will be serving as Co-Executive Directors. Shared leadership, inclusion, and innovation is key to GRID's approach to building community-powered solutions that advance economic and environmental justice. Karina and David's co-leadership approach is both innovative and is a clear example of these amazing leaders' passion and investment in our communities in the Central Valley. 

The Co-Executive Directors have hit the ground running, “We are honored to be stepping into this new role with GRID Central Valley. Working alongside our team for over a decade, we have seen firsthand the level of commitment and dedication our staff exhibits serving our community and continuing to deepen our impact. We thank our board for their support as we begin this new journey outreaching into our communities and strengthening our existing partnerships. With innovation and creative thought, we plan to continue expanding programming to meet the needs of all we serve.” said Karina Gonzalez   

Janine Medina, Board Officer of GRID Central Valley said “It has been my absolute pleasure working with the GRID Alternatives Central Valley office for over 10 years now. Tom Esqueda provided exceptional leadership as ED during my time collaborating with the CV office. I’m happy knowing that Karina and David will continue to provide strong leadership and innovative programs to our valley communities in the renewable energy field. I look forward to seeing what new and exciting things lay ahead for GRID CV with Karina and David taking the lead.”

To date, GRID Central Valley has installed over 12 megawatts of solar power for income-qualified households. Over 4,600 volunteers and job trainees have received job training through the program since 2013. In the coming year, GRID Central Valley plans to install 4.5 megawatts more solar and deepen its workforce development programming aimed at helping those from underrepresented communities find pathways to long-term employment in high-skilled, well-paid solar jobs.


GRID Alternatives Central Valley is an affiliate of GRID Alternatives, the nation’s largest nonprofit solar installer, bringing clean energy technology and job training to families and underserved communities through a network of community partners, volunteers, and philanthropic supporters. For more information, visit