Hello and Goodbye!


October 31, 2016

Many thanks to the 2016 Class of SolarCorps Fellows who devoted a year of service to GRID Colorado and the Tribal Program: Paige Cofrin, Dylan Reitenback, Tanya Steele, Drew Honyaktewa, Brandee Cooklin, Berlyn Hubler and Austin Thompson.  

The 2016 Fellows shared some of the highlights of their service.
Drew, an Arizona native, saw the ocean AND surfed for the first time while on GRID's annual Staff Summit in California. Berlyn installed an off-grid system on the Los Coyotes reservation alongside a client who was 9 months pregnant and going into labor. The client had her baby that night! Brandee talked about how much she enjoyed networking and camping with the women of GRID's first ever Women in Solar Leadership Build and Retreat. Paige and Dylan talked about how proud they were to install "GRID's largest system to date" -- three times over! Their advice with the 2017 SolarCorps? "Make the most of your year -- it's what you make it." 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Brandee is now GRID Colorado's new Outreach Assistant, and Austin is the Tribal Program's new Solar Installation Supervisor. Paige and Dylan will both be joining a local Colorado solar installer. 
Miles and Brittany take a photo with their volunteers on their first community solar array
Miles and Brittany take a photo break with their volunteer team during the Fort Collins Community Solarthon
                                                                                                                                                         To the Class of 2017 SolarCorps Fellows, Welcome! On the Colorado Team, the new SolarCorps Fellows are Nick Archer, Brittany Heller, and Miles Russell. Sitting in the Colorado office on GRID's Tribal Program are Kristian Fragua and Nick Aberle. We hope that you will have an exciting, fullfilling, and challenging year as you navigate the solar industry with GRID.