January 2022 Mid-Atlantic Policy Roundup

Environmental Justice Requires Civil Rights and Voting Rights for All

Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. To honor his legacy, this edition of the GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic Policy Roundup looks at bills affecting civil rights and voting rights. These are essential matters of justice and dignity. They’re also needed to achieve our vision of a rapid, equitable transition to clean energy that benefits everyone. 

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Voting Rights Start with Representation

GRID Mid-Atlantic calls the District of Columbia home. Here, local elected officials have promoted many forward-thinking clean energy solutions. D.C., though, has no vote on federal policy in the U.S. Capitol. District residents’ long demands for statehood remain unmet.

This ongoing civil rights violation is partly why the Build Back Better Act is stalled in the U.S. Senate. That act includes popular policies for accelerating clean energy and climate justice locally and nationwide. (GRID Mid-Atlantic and our allies haven’t given up pushing the BBBA!) 

We Can Overcome Obstacles Together

The Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act also await Senate approval. Our democracy needs these bills to give every American a voice in government. These bills are being held up by a filibuster, a tactic that has blocked civil rights legislation for decades. 

We can solve these issues if we all work together. The solutions can truly give power to the people. GRID Mid-Atlantic’s policy efforts aim to advance racial and economic justice through renewable energy and inclusive workforce development. So we’re calling on our leaders—especially in the Senate—to immediately pass voting rights protections. After that, they must pass the Build Back Better Act.

Contact Your Representatives! 

Do you want to get involved? If you reside outside the District, call your Senators and Representatives any time through the Capitol switch line: 202-224-3121. Tell them you are counting on them to pass the Build Back Better Act and Freedom to Vote Act as soon as possible. Wherever you live, ask friends and loved ones to call too. These calls and voicemails make a real difference. 

Find your representatives here and ask them to support these bills!


Publicly and in our conversations with decision-makers, GRID Mid-Atlantic will continue pushing national policy priorities that advance economic and environmental justice through renewable energy. We are grateful for your support!