Solar Futures 4th Grade Workshop at Northwood Elementary


July 06, 2017

Outreach Coordinators Sarah Shuman and Masud Kiburi-Cunningham visited a local 4th grade classroom to conduct a fun renewable energy workshop! Activities included discussing energy conservations, making smoothies using solar power, doing a dancing game to demonstrate how solar energy works, and playing with solar-powered toy cars. Teacher Donna Vitone shared her thoughts on the importance of renewable energy education for her students: 

"Solar energy is always extremely interesting for students. In 4th grade, we learn about how the sun is the "main source of energy" for all living things during our earth science units. Students are excited to learn that the solar energy can be used to produce power. Many kids believe electrical energy only comes from a socket in the wall. When they learn that solar energy is "renewable" and can be used to power electrical devices, they are in awe! 

My students were really excited about learning how solar energy is "clean" and can be used at their homes. I know that after the presentation, they went home and discussed what they learned with their families as the "highlight" of their day. They were even excited to learn that solar energy can cut the cost on their parents' SMUD bills! 

I'm hoping that students in my class really start to think about clean energy solutions for our planet. The presentation and information from your organization really started them thinking about more diverse energy solutions for the future."