Staff Spotlight: Meet Carmen Zamudio

Welcome to the next installment of our Staff Spotlight feature, where we share a brief interview to introduce you to some of our amazing staff members here at GRID Bay Area! This month we’d like to introduce you to our SolarCorps Outreach Fellow, Carmen Zamudio. She is sure to warm up your day, either by helping clients access GRID's services, or by getting you moving on the dance floor. Every day Carmen is doing her part to make the world a little more equitable. Keep checking back to meet more fabulous GRID Bay Area staffers!

Carmen Zamudio, Solar Corps Outreach Fellow

Pronouns: She/her/hers

How did you come to GRID?

“I had been a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity for the last 17 years. When they started introducing solar panels on their homes I wondered, “Who did that? How?” I saw a big sign that said GRID. I know many people at Habitat for Humanity and one of my friends there forwarded me an email from the Justine, the Outreach Manager at the time - so that was the connection. I used to work for PG&E’s Energy Efficiency program for 21 years, which was commission base, so financially it wasn’t the best for me. After I saw the job posting, I was unsure about being able to do some of the duties, but most of them I knew I could - so I applied. I didn’t get the position. I hung in there with PG&E. Then, last September it became available again so I applied again ...and here I am.”

What is your favorite GRID moment?

“My favorite GRID moment is when I gave my first group presentation. It was in the Muir Ridge Development for Habitat for Humanity in Martinez on behalf of GRID. It was a very diverse community in all senses.  Being able to provide information about solar, energy conservation, and more was great. I feel really good about sharing the knowledge in this topic and knowing that the info can make a difference in the client’s life - all about the financial, environmental, and the economic benefits.”

What’s a fun fact about you?

“I’m a Latina DJ! I started when I was a child with my brother in México, I was about 12 years old. I always loved music and playing instruments. I play guitar, keyboard, and flute. I don’t practice those anymore, but I still DJ. I’m actually DJing this Saturday for a party. To make people stand up and dance is a challenge. I love to play what people like.”

What GRID value most resonates with you?

“Equity is my favorite. I identify with the value because I believe our world should be for everyone regardless of how the economic level, levels of education, man, woman, working, not working, but I believe for families. The sun isn’t choosing who benefits. The sun is for everyone. For me, I feel like I have the power in my hands to make this valuable resource more available. I feel like I am a connection to solar for those families.”

We just opened positions for our one-year SolarCorps Fellowships, where folks get their first few steps in the construction, solar, and non-profit worlds, all in one go. Do you have any advice for those applying to the SolarCorps positions?

“Yes, I believe this is a great way to learn and grow as an individual and as a potential candidate to become an employee, all the trainings and experiences that we get are very helpful and you can experience in the field that you want to be trained. Plus, it can be fun! Also, it makes me feel honored and privileged when I said that I'm an Americorps Member. There is great opportunity to serve my community and get experience doing it.”

You can click on our the following links to learn more about SolarCorps positions and to check out our job listings at each of our offices.